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Noticias (2020-10-11)


Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Program (WFP)


Dear Colleagues,


Please note a message to WFP by the President congratulating WFP on the award of the Nobel prize for peace and the reply by Mr M Juneja, Assistant Executive Director.


Best regards

Pierre Sayour






Da: Manoj JUNEJA <manoj.juneja@wfp.org>

Date: sab 10 ott 2020 alle ore 12:50

Subject: Re: Nobel Prize to WFP.

To: Marco Breschi <marcobreschi2012@gmail.com>

Cc: piersay@hotmail.com <piersay@hotmail.com>



Dear Marco, thank you for your good wishes. This is indeed a humbling recognition of the work of our current and past employees. I hope that it will also shine a spotlight on the worsening needs of the most vulnerable.


Stay well.




On 9 Oct 2020, at 14:17, Marco Breschi <marcobreschi2012@gmail.com> wrote:



Dear Manoj,


On behalf of the entire Federation of UN Retiree associations, I wish to present our most sincere congratulations to you and all colleagues in WFP for their effective work helping the most vulnerable people in less privileged parts of the world and for the prestigious recognition received by WFP today.


I wish the WFP colleagues to continue with success their work around the world.


Best Regards

Marco Breschi






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